Life With a View – Ukrainian Carpathians

I got inspired by this photo album so much and I decided I have to write about it! I am talking about Tania D’Avignon’s series of pictures from Carpathian Mountains, western Ukraine.
Tania is known Ukrainian-American photographer; her works were published all over the world. Tania is actually sharing her life between two countries – USA and Ukraine. She took thousands pictures of Ukraine (Ukraine is a country where Tania’s roots are); she had lots of exhibitions of her photographs; she has published a book entirely of Ukrainian pictures – Simply Ukraine
And this Tania’s photo album from Carpathian Mountains – it’s something! I love the photographs as well as the name Tania gave to her Carpathian album – “Life with a View”.
I know what Tania is talking about, saying “Life with a View”. I am originally from Ukraine and I live in Canada now, in a nice picturesque mountains place, which remind me so much of Carpathian Mountains! In warm days I have my breakfast on a deck with amazing view – that’s what I call “Breakfast with a view”. And I see something like Carpathian Mountains almost every day, directly from my deck, only in Canadian version. Well, let me take a look at Tania’s pictures again… Nope, Ukrainian version is better! So, here we go – let’s take a little tour to a life with a view in Ukrainian Carpathians, through the eyes of Tania D’Avignon:
Carpathian Mountains by Tania D'Avignon

Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine by Tania D'Avignon

Carpathian Mountains, West Ukraine by Tania D'Avignon

Carpathian Mountains, Western Ukraine by Tania D'Avignon
Beautiful, isn’t? Well, the roads to get to this beauty are not really attractive. This is a part of Ukrainian reality too – not the best part though, and a truthful photographer like Tania cannot have her eyes closed on it:
Mountain Road in Ukrainian Carpathians, photo by Tania D'Avignon
Despite of breathtaking views, life in Ukrainian mountains is really hard for locals, especially farming life:
Farming in Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

Farming in Ukrainian Carpathians, photo by Tania D'Avignon
Kids from the Mountains in their early age learn how to take care about horses, cows and sheep and how to work on a land. Here is a sweet little girl with a horse:
Girl and Horse, Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains by Tania D'Avignon
Well, hardships and farming skills from the very young age, and, let’s be honest, a dream to escape from the Mountains somewhere to a big city, where life is more easy to maintain – this is a price that locals from Carpathians pay for having these gorgeous views to themselves.
But for tourists, especially for those, who are looking for non-touristy places, who wants to see local farming and the way Mountains people live, Ukrainian Carpathians is a right place to go. I am not talking about bigger cities in the Mountains, like Yaremche or Vorokhta, where picky tourist can find everything, including luxurious rooms with a spa etc. I am talking about little towns and villages in Carpathians, like Verkhovyna, Pysanyj Kamin’, and many-many other little places in the Mountains, where Tania took her pictures and where life is REAL. Life with a view…