Beaded Egg for the UEFA Euro 2012 Soccer Cup!

UEFA Euro 2012 Beaded Egg Made by Ukrainian artist Daria Iwasko
This beautiful beaded egg, on the picture above, made by talented artist Daria Iwasko - special for the Euro 2012 Soccer Cup. The egg is in colors of Ukrainian flag and with logo of the UEFA Euro 2012.
Daria Iwasko is originally from Lviv, western Ukraine; now she lives in USA. Her big passion is beading. Daria likes to make nice things from beads, like eggs, jewelry, cute figurines and Christmas ornaments.
This Euro 2012 beaded egg is very special for Daria herself - her home city of Lviv is one of the host cities of European Soccer Championship 2012! She is so proud of it!
Speaking more about Daria's artworks... The artist has beaded lots of eggs in traditional Ukrainian patterns (Easter style), but she loves to create something unusual, like her flag project. Daria is beading flags of different countries on eggs. She has already made flags of Italy, Croatia, USA and Ukraine and she said, now she is working on Canadian one.
Here are flags of Ukraine and USA, beaded on eggs by Daria Iwasko:
Ukraine and USA Flags Beaded Eggs Made by Daria Iwasko
I enjoy Daria’s art very much and I am so glad I now know this amazing artist! Actually, I am the one who likes beaded eggs even more than traditional Ukrainian painted egg, so I am getting very excited every time when I see beaded art like Daria’s. Here are some more of her wonderful beaded artworks on eggs:
Beaded Egg Made by Daria Iwasko USA Ukraine

Beaded Egg Made by Ukrainian Artist Daria Iwasko

Beaded Easter Egg Made by Daria Iwasko USA Ukraine

Beaded Easter Egg Made by Ukrainian Artist Daria Iwasko