“Walnuts”, “Peaches” and “Mushrooms” – Wedding Sweets in Western Ukraine

Wedding Sweets Western Ukraine
My friend Oksana from Ternopil, western Ukraine, sent me this picture. These are sweets from her brother’s wedding. Mmmm! I just realized how much I miss Ukrainian pastries here, in Canada.
Those three on the picture - “Walnuts”, “Peaches” and “Mushrooms”- are traditional homemade cookies at the weddings in western part of Ukraine. I remember them from my childhood! Thanks to Oksana for such a sweet memories! Literally – sweet!
So, if you happened to attend a wedding in Western Ukraine – you are the lucky one, because you got a chance to try those amazing homemade baked goodies! Well, you don’t really have to attend a wedding – you can get some of those sweets in local bakeries or groceries stores, or if you are invited to a family celebration. Those three kinds of cookies on the picture above are only small part of all sweet baked deliciousness you can taste when you are traveling on the West of Ukraine.  Bev, my Canadian sister-in-law, visiting her family in western Ukraine in 2011, has admitted that walnut cake baked by their Ukrainian relatives, was the best walnut cake in her life!