Golden Leaves on a Cobblestone, Flying Veils and Gourmet Celebration – this is Lviv in October!

My best friend Olya made my day today – again! She brought these beautiful pictures from her street walks and sightseeing in Lviv, her and mine very favorite city in entire universe.
That's how Fall 2012 left its marks on Lviv’s cobblestone:
Golden Leaves on a Cobblestone, Lviv, Western Ukraine, October
Time for the Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv:
Wine and Cheese Festival, Lviv, West Ukraine
Fall also is traditional wedding time in Ukraine. You can see beautifully flying veils like this one practically everywhere in Lviv on weekends in September and October - newlyweds on their pictures walk:
Taking wedding pictures in Lviv, Ukraine
Have you even been to Lviv? Are you enjoying this city like we do?