Ternopil: City that Makes You Relax

Ternopil… Such a beautiful city… Any time of the year…
These pictures – Ternopil in October 2012 - were taken by my best friend Olya. 
Sailboat on the Ternopil Lake:
Sailboat on the Ternopil Lake, Western Ukraine
Fall palette on the water:
Fall Palette on the Water, Ternopil, Western Ukraine
European mountains-ash berry:
European Mountain Ash Berries in Ternopil, West Ukraine
And here are just colors of trees and the sky of October – colors that make us enjoy the fall:
Golden and Blue Fall Colors Ternopil Western Ukraine
So amazing! Thanks Olya! You live in USA now, and I live in Canada, but Ternopil is our home city, Ukraine (its western part, where is Ternopil located) is our home country, and this city is in our hearts forever!
A little note for current and future visitors of Ternopil: this is an old city; it was founded in 1540, but not many historic buildings are survived – lots of them were destroyed in the World War 2, some – in Soviet time, especially churches… This building on the Olya’s picture – Ternopil Castle - is, actually, the oldest one in Ternopil, built in 1540:
Ternopil Castle on the Lake Front, western Ukraine
But, as I said, not many historic heritage (buildings, streets like in old times) left in Ternopil for tourists to discover. The main attraction of Ternopil is a special magic spirit of this city, something like my best friend Olya caught on her camera… Like this picture of a fisherman on the Ternopil Lake:
Fishing on the Ternopil Lake, West Ukraine
Or steps to the Lake, matched by colors with Her Majesty Fall:
October in Ternopil, Western Ukraine
Speaking about the Ternopil Lake, this is quite an attraction of the city! Man-made lake downtown – how many lakes this one did you hear about? Ternopil Lake was made after the World War 2 and now it is a real jewel of the city.
Overall, I would say, Ternopil – this is a city that makes you slow down and relax. Walking and enjoying sceneries like that ones, above - everything downtown is in a walking distance; trying local cuisine – a real food from organic produce, taste like Ukrainian grandma use to make; meeting nice people of the city – an artists, crafters, musicians…
Ternopil is beautiful! Any time of the year!