Angel Art of the World

Smiling Angel Ornament Crafted in Indonesia
This cute Christmas tree ornament – a Smiling Angel – I got at Ten Thousand Villages Canada. The Angel is amazing; I love him so much! He was sitting on the top of my Christmas tree through all the winter holidays – Christmas December 25 and Christmas January 7, which is Old Christmas Day and actually January 7 everyone is celebrating Christmas in Ukraine, my home country (I live in Canada now).
My Smiling Angel made out of wood and hand painted by crafters from Indonesia.
At the same store, Ten Thousand Villages Canada, I've spotted few more beautiful Angels I would like to get for next Christmas.
Here is Angel tree topper, made out of jute, crafted in Bangladesh:
Jute Angel Tree Topper Handmade in Bangladesh
Also, I like this ornament – a Praying Angel, crafted in Bangladesh as well:
Praying Angel Ornament Made in Bangladesh
А story of the next Angel is very interesting. This corn husk Angel my best friend Olya got in the city of Lviv, West Ukraine. Right now this Angel is with Olya in USA where my best friend and her husband Jim live:
Corn Husk Angel Made in Western Ukraine
Next two Angels were hand crafted in Ternopil, Western Ukraine, which is Olya’s and my home city:
Angel Ornament Handmade in Ternopil, West Ukraine

Angel Ornament Handmade in Western Ukraine
The Angels are really stunning – they are made out of wood and fabric, hand painted and each of them holds a little heart filled with aromatic herbs.
Any of these Angels can be perfect Christmas tree ornaments or gifts to your beloved for Valentine’s Day – because of little hearts Angel hold in their hands. I personally got few of the Angels as gifts to my friends and family for Christmas 2012 – a friend of mine bought them for me in Ternopil, at Koza Dereza craft store, and shipped to Canada.
Koza Dereza also has an online store with English pages, so if you like the Angels, I think, you can get them online. I want some more of these, just haven’t decide yet which ones. They all look soooo cute and beautiful and cheerful! 
I like Angel Art of the world!
Angel Ornaments from Koza Dereza Craft Store, Ternopil, West Ukraine