Beauty of Ukrainian Embroidery and Wisdom of Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian Embroidery by Ivan Yasnij
I love this picture soo much! It was taken in Ternopil’s oblast’, western Ukraine (Ukraine is my homecountry!) by very talented photographer Ivan Yasnij. I am happy I personally know Ivan – he is really wonderful photographer, cameraman and director!
Speaking about this particular picture, it is showing perfectly a beauty of Ukrainian embroidery and wisdom of the lady who’s wearing the blouse – even not seeing her face. Looks like all life of this lady is “written” on her hands – hands of hard-working Ukrainian woman, living in a small village, working on a land and living off the land, and feeling a very strong connection to the place she born by wearing this shirt she embroidered herself or maybe her mother or grandmother embroidered it. It is really nice tradition in Ukraine to pass traditional clothes from generation to generation…
One picture, but it is brining so many feelings to my mind! Thanks Ivan! Great job!