Bernardine Church in Lviv

Writing about must-see churches in Lviv, I forgot to mention one more beautiful church, worth to visit.  This is a Bernardine Church, or Saint Andrew Greek-Catholic Church.
Every time being there I feel some special atmosphere, I would say, even some magic. No wondering – there are lots of the legends and stories about the Church; some of them are very mysterious.
The interior of the Bernardine Church is just gorgeous, in style of European Catholic Churches. I cannot take my eyes off from the picture of the Church taken by my best friend Olya in one of her visits to Lviv. It’s really something! As Olya's husband Jim said, "Now THIS is a church!"
Bernardine Church, Lviv, West Ukraine
I’ve visited the Bernardine Church many times, but somehow always kept forgetting to take a camera with me and get some nice photos of the Church.
However, I have discovered that Bernardine Church, or Saint Andrew Church did left some magic mark in my life. Looking through the our family pictures, I’ve realized that photos in front of Saint Andrew Church were very first pictures that my husband Ron and I took in Lviv, in Ron’s very first visit to me, after us finding each other online :) Well, in that time - a summer 2006 – Ron wasn’t my husband yet; we were even not engaged yet; in fact, these pictures of each other in front of the Bernardine Church we took on a second day of our meeting in real:
Bernardine Church, Lviv, Western Ukraine

In front of Bernardine Church and Monastery, Lviv, Western Ukraine
Anyway, if you are happen to be in Lviv, please visit the Bernardine Church to experience unforgettable feelings of touching to Eternity, medieval history and some mysterious stories. The Church is located downtown at 3A Soborna Square.