An American Student Speaks Ukrainian Fluently – Amazing!

Ali Kinsella is a student of Columbia University, NY. She stayed in Ukraine for three years as a Peace Corp volunteer and she learnt Ukrainian over there just perfectly! When I started to watch this video, where Ali is speaking Ukrainian, first my impression was that girl is of Ukrainian heritage. Olena Tregub, the interviewer in the video, asked Ali the same question. Turned out, Ali is not of Ukrainian background – her ancestors are Irish and German. Wow, what an amazing ability for learning a language from totally different group – a Slavic one!
“Would you recommend North American students to go to Ukraine? Is it safe? Is it fun?” - The interviewer asked Ali.
“There is no question: Ukraine is safe. I had fun. Although it a bit difficult to stay in Ukraine without any knowledge of the language. I would recommend going with someone who speaks English. Or to be in touch with Ukrainians who speak English and there are many of those”, Ali has answered.
Here is the video. Enjoy!