Easter Glass Painting from Ukraine

Looking for Ukrainian arts and crafts for the Easter, I have found few interesting ones – a glass painting ones.
First one I own – this is a glass painting of the Angel on an Easter Egg, by Yaroslav Adamovych, an artist from Lviv, western Ukraine. I got this painting in my travel to Ukraine and I love it sooo much! Here is my Easter Angel:
Easter Angel Glass Painting by Yaroslav Adamovych Lviv Ukraine
Second one I found is a glass painting Easter Egg as well, with three Angels, by Natalia Kuriy from Lviv. I don’t mind to have the painting on my wall as well – such a lovely art! Maybe, in my next trip to Ukraine… So, here are the Angels, holding an Easter Egg:
Angels and Easter Egg Glass Painting by Natalia Kuriy Lviv West Ukraine
If you like a glass painting art, here the places when you can see more of Yaroslav Adamovych and Natalia Kuriy artworks.