Easter Motifs – Embroidery and Appliqué on Easter Eggs

Easter is all about Easter Eggs. In Ukrainian meaning, Easter is about Pysanky, which are hand painted Ukrainian Easter Eggs. I know, I know, the ethnographers will correct me: traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs are not painted – they are written, because they are called Pysanky (plural) in Ukrainian, which created from a word pysatyto write. Typical Ukrainian Pysanky are decorated with a wax and a stylus – that’s why it’s called written. However, there are few other types of Ukrainian Easter Eggs decorations, and Wikipedia knows more about it.
Of course, I like and respect traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs art, but my heart is on “something unusual” and “something different” side - like, for example, embroidered Easter Eggs. Never heard about ones? Me too, until I saw these, without any doubts, masterpieces:
Embroidered Easter Eggs

Silk Embroidered Easter Egg from Elizabeth Klein, France

Images credit: Annick Levain

Beautiful, aren’t they? The eggs are silk-embroidered, ones of a kind, created by Elizabeth Klein from France.
Here are cross-stitched ones, created… guess where? In Ukraine! This is a perfect combination of two traditional Ukrainian crafts in one - embroidery and Easter Eggs decorating:
Cross Stitched Embroidered Easter Eggs by Inna Forostyuk, Ukraine
The eggs are cross-stitched by Inna Forostyuk, a crafter from Ukraine. The patterns on the eggs are very typical for Ukrainian embroidery, like ceremonial towel, shirts, blouses etc.
And here are lovely cross-stitched Easter Eggs from Poland. I love the colors and the patterns!
Embroidered Easter Eggs from Poland
      Image credit: Maciej1964

Well, next two Easter Eggs went beyond my “something different” expectations! They are made in few techniques – embroidery and appliqué (the one with baby chick on it) and embroidery, an appliqué and even little bit of beading (the one with purple flowers):
Applique Easter Egg in Pysanka Museum, West Ukraine

Embroidery, Appliqué and Beading on Easter Eggs, Museum in Kolomyia, West Ukraine
Both embroidered/appliquéd eggs are exhibits of only one Museum of Ukrainian Easter Eggs in the world – the Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia, Ivano-Franivsk oblast’, West Ukraine. I have visited this Museum few times in my trips to Ukraine and I would like to go again and again – there are lots to see and discover!