Travel Easter Eggs

As my blog-site is about travels, in particular, travels to the western part of Ukraine, where I am originally from (I live in Canada now), I was more than amazed to share this wonderful stuff with you, especially in Easter time – right before the Easter 2013. Because, what is popping up in your mind first, when you or somebody else says “Easter”? Right! Easter Eggs! So, we are going to see some beautiful and special Easter Eggs today which are - travel ones! Never saw something like this before? Me too, till last year. For Easter 2012 I got this spectacular gift from my Canadian friend Candace – a Globe Easter Egg, hand painted in Austria. This one:
Globe Easter Egg Handpainted in Austria
Something different, isn’t? As I said many times here, on this blog, I value and respect traditional Easter Eggs art, but my heart is on unique, unusual and something different side. And next Easter Egg which I would like to show you fit my taste (and a travel subject, and an Easter subject) just right in – a New York on an Easter Egg! Take a look:
New York on an Easter Egg by Natalya Krawczuk
This beautiful piece of art is created by Natalya Krawczuk. Natalya is Ukrainian, living in USA. She does both – traditional and contemporary – Easter Eggs. This one, with a Big Apple City on it, is my favorite from Natalya’s collection.
Another Ukrainian artist, living in USA – Daria Iwasko – is a very special friend of mine. I showed you few times here, on Travel West Ukraine, a marvelous beaded eggs art, created by Daria – last year, for the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship, and Daria’s beaded decorations for Christmas.
Actually, last year I mentioned in that post about Euro 2012 Soccer Champ about Daria Iwasko’s special project – beaded eggs with flags of different countries. Very unique idea and, of course, one of a kind artwork! Here are flags on Ukraine and USA beaded by Daria Iwasko on eggs:
Beaded Easter Eggs Ukrainian and American Flags Handmade by Daria Iwasko, USA
And here is Italian, Ukrainian again and Croatian flags:
Beaded Easter Eggs Italian Ukrainian and Croatian Flags, Handmade by Daria Iwasko, USA
Also, last year I’ve mentioned that Daria is doing a Canadian flag on an egg. Can you imagine my excitement when artist said that she wants to give the Canadian one to me – as a gift?! Wow!! It was such a great surprise! Now I am a happy owner of one of a kind beaded Canadian flag on an Easter Egg! Here it is:
Beaded Easter Egg Canadian Flag Handmade by Daria Iwasko, USA
Another little surprise I got together with this flag it was a lovely tiny beaded Easter Egg with colors of Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow) and Ukrainian patterns on it – the egg is crafted by Daria Iwasko:
Beaded Easter Egg Handmade by Daria Iwasko, USA
Thank you, thank you, dear Daria! It was sooo nice of you! I keep enjoying your creations; right now, in Easter time, they are warming my heart so much!
Beaded Easter Eggs, Right One is Canadian Flag, Handmade by Daria Iwasko, USA
 Happy Easter and happy travels, everyone!