Easter Egg Handbags From Ukraine

Ukrainian Easter is just around the corner (in 2013 we are, Ukrainians, will celebrate it on May 5), and getting ready for this Great Day (which sounds as Velykden’ in Ukrainian), I just happened to find something very Easter-related and really, really beautiful, something I've never seen before. An Easter Egg shaped handbags! Exclusive and exquisite, made by designer Tanya Klyova from the city of Kam'yanets'-Podil's'kyi, Khmel'nyts'ka oblast, Ukraine:
Easter Egg Shaped Handbag, Made by Tanya Klyova, Ukraine

Easter Egg Handbag, Made by Tanya Klyova, a Designer from Ukraine
I definitely felt in love with these amazing pieces! Each of handbags has embroidered fragments on it; the embroidery is from different regions of Ukraine, on each piece.
The straps of the bags are long enough, so you can wear it as a cross body:
Easter Egg Handbag Crossbody, Made by Tanya Klyova, a Designer from Ukraine
Wow! I love it! It is so Easter-y and so Ukrainian! I want one of these bags! So, I keep in my bookmarks Tanya’s Facebook page - to contact the designer, when I will make up my mind about getting some of these exquisite things that always make a woman smile :)