West Ukraine: Souvenir Shopping for a Cat Person

If you are a cat person, like I am, and you are happened to travel to the western part of Ukraine (where I am originally from, by the way), you will be impressed how many cat-themed arts and crafts you can find at local markets and craft stores. It’s all mostly contemporary art and craft, with traditional touch, locally made (not imported!) and… Oh so cute!!
Whole bunch of cat-related souvenirs and art pieces you will see at Vernisazh Craft Market in Lviv (Lviv is the biggest city of western Ukraine). Normally, when I get to this market, it is hard for me to pick between pottery pictures of cats (pottery crafts is my passion!), like these ones:
Cute Cats Ceramic Pictures from West Ukraine

Dancing Cats Ceramic Picture Handmade in Ukraine
Or just pottery cat figurines:
Ceramic Cats from Lviv, West Ukraine
Or cat on beaded Easter Eggs:
Kitty Cat Beaded Easter Egg from Ukraine
Or glass-painted cats, like this one:
Glass Painted cat from Western Ukraine
Actually, this one I bought at another big West Ukrainian craft market – at the city of Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, located in Carpathian Mountains. But the picture is done by an artist from Lviv. Beautiful work!
Next time I go to West Ukraine I would like to get one of these cute soft cat-toys, little cats-pillows:
Pillow Cats
They are made and sold in Ternopil, by local crafters from Koza-Dereza. Cannot stop looking at those pillows-cats - incredible cuteness!
And here is more useful info for you about buying arts and crafts in western Ukraine
Happy travel and happy shopping!