Old-Fashioned Ukraine – What a Place to Visit!

Traveling in West Ukrainian countryside, you can find things which are available only in museums somewhere in Canada or USA. In Ukraine, however, many of those things are still every day’s reality.
Like this one, for example, on the video below. The device (or tool, whatever) calls a manual chaff cutter. Good for cutting hay, straw or fresh greens for the poultry and cattle’s feed. On the video below, my Ukrainian cousin’s son-in-law is cutting stinging nettle to mix with a pig’s feed (the family raise chickens, ducks, rabbit and pig):

So this is not what Ukrainians keep to show to tourists – this is their everyday routine in the countryside. As well as this very common Ukrainian “lawn mover”, actually, the oldest “lawn mover” in the world – a scythe:

This tool you can find in every Ukrainian household in the countryside – only wealthy Ukrainians and municipal offices, mostly in the cities, own modern lawn movers. Well, in typical Ukrainian household lawns itself are not that big – all used under the vegetables gardens, like this one, for example:
Lawn busy with a garden, Ukraine
And only in Ukraine, especially its western part, in Carpathian Mountains, you can see free run goats, jumping around like those two:

Or hay balls done the old way, manually:
Carpathians, Ukraine
Or somewhere in the little grocery store, the sales person will count cost of items you bought with this “ancient” calculator – an abacus:
Abacus, Ukraine
Oh yeah, it is very cool to visit some heritage museum, but only in Ukraine you don’t need it – their lifestyle, especially in the little towns and villages, still old-fashioned – a lot! And their food tastes old-fashioned, organic, natural and incredibly tasty – just like Ukrainian grandmother made!