Time-lapse videos of Lviv and Ternopil

If you have never been to Lviv and Ternopil (both are amazing Eastern European/West Ukrainian cities), these time-lapse videos will help you to get an idea how the cities look like and what exactly would you like to see over there when you decide to visit them.
So, here is Lviv:

And here is Ternopil:

Hope you enjoyed the views and the photography!
As for me personally, both views brought back my memories to the time when I grew up in Ternopil and I studied in Lviv, so I am in love with both cities. Now, when I live in Canada, I recommend to all my friends to visit this beautiful part – a western one – of my home country Ukraine. Why western one - it is because, as you can see, I used to live over there, so I am more familiar with western part of the country.