Christmas Greeting to You From Ukrainian-American Artist

Merry Christmas Ukrainian Colors by Daria Iwasko
This amazing beaded Christmas ornament made in colours of Ukrainian and European Union flags. Upper part of the ornament, with little yellow stars on it, is symbolizing the flag of Europe. Middle part, which is Ukrainian flag, has a Tryzub on it. Tryzub is Ukrainian coats of arm.
The author of this wonderful ornament is my good friend Daria Iwasko. Daria is Ukrainian-American artist and she is originally from Lviv, the biggest city on the West of Ukraine.
Earlier, I have introduced you to some Daria's beaded arts, like Easter Eggs and Christmas-themed decorations.
This blue&yellow ornament is the latest Daria's creation. The artist dedicated it to millions Ukrainians which are wishing for Ukraine to be together with European Union.