Lviv is in the Top 12 Winning Winter Destinations - National Geographic Travel

Andrew Evans, the Digital Nomad from National Geographic Travel, just published his top 12 Winning Winter Destinations. Wow, it is sooo nice to see in this list the city of Lviv, the jewel of western Ukraine!
Andrew has described why this travel destination – Lviv – is so beautiful in the winter and why it is worth to go there: “When it’s snowing, the architecturally-impressive city of Lviv looks like a fairy tale, with turrets and spires, palaces and theaters, and a splendid mass of restaurants and cafés. Oft-compared to Prague and Krakow, Lviv is far more unassuming and offers visitors a rich taste of Ukrainian culture and folklore.”
Here is the full article. Thank you so much Andrew!
On the picture - winter in Lviv, West Ukraine:
Winter in Lviv, western Ukraine