How to Say “Merry Christmas” in Ukraine and What is it Kutia

Ukrainian Christmas Signature Dish Kutia
Kutia (on the picture above) is a signature dish of Ukrainian Christmas. Being served as a very first entry at 12-dishes Christmas Eve dinner, which is January 6 (Ukrainian Christmas is January 7).
Kutia is a sweet dish, made out of boiled wheat grains (wheatberries), poppy seeds, honey or sugar and walnuts or pecans. Kutia can be also used for dessert, in the end of Christmas dinner.
The secrets of good kutia are: to process the poppy seeds very fine, almost to the white colour; do not oversweet the dish.
Merry Ukrainian Christmas! In western Ukraine, where I am originally from, “Merry Christmas” sounds as “Khrystos sia Rozhdae” which is literally mean, “Christ is Born!”
Right answer for this greeting is “Slavimo Jogo!” which means “Glorify Him!”
As additional greeting, western Ukrainians use “Solodkoi Kuti!” which means “Have a sweet Kutia!” Figurally speaking - “Have a great celebration/holiday!”