Bumping Into Celebrity in Ukraine

Traveling to Carpathian Mountains, western Ukraine, has many pleasant surprises, like, bumping into Ukrainian celebrity just accidentally, on a street of a picturesque city of Verkhovyna. The celebrity was a very popular Ukrainian musician and singer Oleh Skrypka. We just walked on a street, as I said, and all of sudden I have noticed a horse and buggy with the local Hutsuls band from Verkhovyna, and Oleg Skrypka among them, and television crew around, filming a scene. 
Later I found out they were filming a folkloric show for Ukrainian TV. But in that moment I just grabbed my camera and started taking a video of whole process. I didn't get very much, because they are gone very quickly, but, anyway, I was very happy - I got a celebrity on my video! Here it is:

While I was shooting a video, my husband was taking pictures, so we got also few photographs of Oleh Skrypka and his filming crew:
Oleh Skrypka in Verkhovyna, Ukraine

Oleh Skrypka, Ukrainian Television
Another pleasant surprise was waiting for us in Lviv, at the Etnovyr International Folklore Festival. During one of the concert of the Festival, we accidentally met two musicians from Burdon band. My husband was so thrilled, because Burdon is his favourite Ukrainian band! They play ethno music in modern style and they are very well-known not only in Ukraine, but in Europe and Canada.
So we started talking with the guys - it was Rost Tatomyr, the leader of the band, and Ivan Ohar, the musician. We had a very nice conversation and, of course, we have asked them for autographs:
Burdon band, Lviv, Ukraine

Burdon Band, Ukraine
And my hubby was sooo happy that now he has a picture with musicians of his favourite Burdon. It made his day back then, definitely:
With Burdon Band, Ukraine