A Beauty of a Ukrainian Dance

Today is August 24, 2015, which is an Independence Day in Ukraine. Happy Independence Day to all Ukrainians, in Ukraine and abroad!
In honor of this day, here are few videos of Ukrainian dances for you guys. I took the videos during my numerous trips to Ukraine, especially to its western part, where I am originally from. 
Halychyna dancers from the city of Lviv, western Ukraine, perform the Arkan Hutsuls dance at the Etnovyr Folk Fest 2011 in their home city:

Kolomyjka song and dance by the Veseli Halychany band from the city of Ternopil, western Ukraine

Hutsulia dancers from the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, western Ukraine, are performing a Hutsul dance at the traditional Polonyna Summer Festival in Verkhniy Yaseniv in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast':

Waltz by the Folk Ensemble from the village of Dnistrove, Ternopil oblast', western Ukraine:

Vychylyas Ukrainian dance by the Nadzbruchanka dancers, Ternopil, West Ukraine: